Bust Butt Plug Silicone 12 cm x 4 cm

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Bust Butt Plug Silicone 12 cm x 4 cm


Bust Butt Plug Silicone 12 cm x 4 cm 9,95 Afterdark is the brand you need to enjoy the most naughty pleasures safely and pleasantly. It is therefore composed of a series of anal plugs of the highest quality and with an elegant, beautiful and erotic design. Bust is an anal plug that has an unusual shape and design. It has a rounded tip, since although the design is innovative, comfort and pleasure do not take a back seat. After passing the rounded tip you will find a carousel of curves and areas of different sizes, ideal for adding new sensations to your sexual life. Remember that at the base you will find a strong suction cup to be able to place Bust on almost any smooth surface at the same time that it serves as a base so that the plug is always in place. Remember to clean your Anal Plug with a good toy cleaner, like your favorite Nanami N-507, before and after each use. We recommend using a good water-based lubricant to enhance your


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  • 1-2

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  • 8436583792704

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